OML, Inc. Celebrates 25 Years in the Millimeter Wave Industry!!

OML offers innovative millimeter wave frequency extension products for emerging applications spanning radio astronomy, communication, imaging, space research, biomedical and homeland security.OML_IMD_FieldFox_v3_ko_-vsm

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**NEW option for Source Module: Electronic Adjustable Attenuation.

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Available Products By Waveguide Band (GHz)

VNA Extension ModuleVNA Calibration KitSignal Generator Extension
Spectrum Analyzer Extension
Specialty Products
Scalar Network Analyzer Converter
Download Brochure VxxVNA2 VxxCAL SxxMS MxxHWD RxxRFT CxxLNC
WR-15 (50-75) V15VNA2 V15CAL S15MS M15HWD R15RFT Contact Factory
WR-12 (60-90) V12VNA2 V12CAL S12MS M12HWD R12RFT
WR-10 (75-110) V10VNA2 V10CAL S10MS M10HWD R10RFT
WR-08 (90-140) V08VNA2 V08CAL S08MS M08HWD Contact Factory
WR-06 (110-170) V06VNA2 V06CAL S06MS M06HWD
WR-05 (140-220) V05VNA2 V05CAL S05MS M05HWD
WR-03 (220-325) V03VNA2 V03CAL S03MS M03HWD
WR-02.2 (325-500) V02.2VNA2 V02.2CAL S02.2MS Contact Factory
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